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Sunday, 28 August 2011

They Creep...They Crawl....And They Spin Through The Night

Personally, I have never been one to like Spiders.  I've always found them to be creepy, crawly, hairy, and jumpy little creatures.  With that being said, with Halloween on my mind, I think of spooky spider webs with black spiders lurking in their midst (I prefer the fake webs and spiders found in stores :D). 

 I decided to browse through our team and see what "Spiderific" items I could find lurking within shop corners, just waiting to be pounced upon.

Halloween Crow Magnet
Check out the Spider lace on this awesome magnet by: Luckycees Closet.  Doesn't it just make you feel like a black widow or black jumping spider is lurking in the midst?

If you take a liking to arachnids, you must see these three pendants from: Mad Scientists Designs.  Each one is unique with it's own shape and colors.  Pendants that will surely creep their way into your desire.
Upcycled Pog Pendant - Green Spider
Upcycled Pog Pendant
Upcycled Pog Pendant - White Spider
Be the talk of the party or any other occasion with this Spider Choker from: Brackish Society.  It adds a flair to goth with a blingy spider pendant dangling from the front!
Dark Gothic Victorian Choker with Spider Pendant
Looking for some amazing tags for your packages or gifts?  Why not get some of these web spinning tags or Haunting Halloween card from : Immortal Visions?  The colors and images are sure to get you pumped and ready for Halloween this year!
Halloween Candy Bag Gift Tags - Spider Webs
Halloween Greeting Card
Every outfit needs that finishing touch hair accessory to make it complete and this hair bow from: Assylum Garden is it!  The vibrant orange and spider web middle make it a fun addition to any fall and Halloween outfit this year!
Orange and Black Spotted Spider Web Hair Bow
Want to be a scream?  Add this spider pony tail holder from: Annaleahy to your hair accessory collection.  It looks so realistic, your friends and family will think you have a pet spider in your hair!
Spider Ponytail Holder
As I finish up this "Spiderific" journey through our team, I'd like to end with some fantastic jewelry pieces presented to you from: RavensCrafts.  Raven has cute spider and web earrings for those who are more squeamish with spiders (Like me! These are too cute to creeep :D). 
Spider and Web Lampwork Bead Earrings
Arachne's Folly Locket
This piece by: Ravens Craft is more detailed and gives me realistic feeling just seeing this little spider who appears to be stuck in time spinning!

Last but hopefully not least lol, from my personal shop: Oursj, a cute bottlecap  spider bracelet - stretchy to fit most wrists!
Crawl back here soon to see what new item are brewing up in the Time Travelers Team!

~ Jen


  1. Very nice work Jen! I love all the (fake) spiders! Teehee!

  2. Love the spiders. My tarantula Tonks applaudsssssss your post *furry clapping from all eight legs*