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Monday, 5 September 2011

A Collision of Red & Black

Okay so crazy me....I was sitting here pondering what amazing items to Blog about next when I got this "brilliant" idea to share with all you wonderful followers all of the magnificent items from the Time Travelers Team that coincide both red and black together.  To my amazement...there are several more than I anticipated!  So this post will actually be 2 posts!

Now that I have kept you at the edge of your seat while I rambled let's begin our tour through the black of night and down through the rivers red with blood.

RingMistress Top Hat
This gorgeous hat adds appeal and flare by: Ecraftic.  Wouldn't this be a lovely addition to your wardrobe?  I could see a young lady wearing this with her long black prom dress too!

Vampire's Kiss Gothic Steampunk Necklace
 No need to wait for a special occasion to wear this beauty from : Thereset.  It adds a nice touch of steampunk to your everyday jeans and t-shirt routine.  All of your friends will be jealous of your unique and fun necklace.

Okay, so you have the hat, the necklace and now what?  You obviously need earrings!  No outfit or style is quite complete with out a stunning pair of earrings.  Keep your fashion statement going with these long dangle earrings by: amth13.
Vampire Empress long Dangle Earrings with Ruby Crystal and Onyx
Ready for a night out on the town?  Don't forget your Red & Black Damask Clutch from: Weird Plush.  This clutch is so pretty with the black and red damask pattern just screaming to be taken home!  Another great addition to any outfit!

 Keep a small notebook with you at all times for those little notes, messages, and shopping lists that we all seem to forget!  Keep these little reminders close and in mind with the Tuscan Door Small Notebook from: Luckycees Closet.  Who said keeping little reminders had to be boring?

Small Notebook
As I bring this post to an end...I would like to keep you with the friendly reminder that it's always good to journal!  Whether it be about your day, a list of crafts you'd like to create or perhaps a memory of some dreams that you have had.  Writing can keep us positive and uplifted.  And most importantly keep these thoughts together so that you may go back and reread them from time to time.

Mina Hollow Book Secret Safe Box
 This safe box from Boitifole is a unique way to keep your journal (or other special items) in a safe and sound spot that you can keep hidden away just for you!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of Red & Black and will check back often as the tour will continue.....Mwahahahaha :)

~ Jen


  1. oohhh thanks so much for featuring my dangles, love the other picks too. Everything you need for a vampy night out.

  2. fun finds - really eyecatching