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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Night Tour

Welcome ladies and gents to a laid back tour of some of the Time Travelers finest artists.  Wonder what one of my favorite parts of the team is?  I LOVE, how our team embraces everyone from every medium whether we make steampunk, goth, victorian, or whether your a creator like myself who just rolls with it.  I really enjoy the unity within the group as a whole no matter what each person makes.  

Okay with that being said, tonight's little tour of enticing items will be kind of a taste of the team as a whole.  No real theme except that their all part of the Time Travelers Team, and they're all talented individuals (that's a theme enough for me ;)lol).

Let's begin with: Mesmera.  I just love the mini-top hats in this shop.  Every time I come upon the shop, my eyes bounce back and forth between a red& black top hat and an exciting purple and black one.  That's it you be the judge...aren't these just fantastic!

 I'm not sure where people normally wear mini-top hats, but being a fan of all sort of hats, I just love the detail put into these and how fun they'd be to wear anywhere, even just to get groceries...yes making grocery shopping fun!

Switching gears now and traveling to a more Victorian time in: LuckyceesCloset.  Lucky has a wonderful array of items, but I want to focus more on her decorated journals.  I personally LOVE to write, and find it important to have a journal that one feels comfortable writing in, one that reflects oneself or is inspiring to one's writing ability and these two journals are just that.  They are darling and can give a person a lot to write about just by looking at them.  Time period, fashion, womens rights, and much more!

One Journal
Journal 2
 The last stop on our tour tonight is at: BitterIsland.  This shop has an intriguing mix of jewelry and tiaras that I must share with you.  This butterfly ring that I am going to show you is just beautiful and refreshing to me, where as the tiara leaves me curious and full of wonder.

 The beautiful butterfly ring (makes me wish I wear rings more!) And the intriguing tiara, that just draws my curiosity and eye every time I see it.  I can't help but gaze upon those black and green feathers like I'm being hypnotized....just amazing.
 Thanks for going on this wonderful tour of shops with me, check back often for some amazing Holiday gift ideas!

~ Jen

Sunday, 6 November 2011

November ~ Thankful for Creativity!

One thing I'm thankful for (besides my wonderful family), is my creativity.  I love having the ability to make things and to learn how to create new amazing items each day :).  I'm also thankful for knowing all of my team members here at the Time Travelers and the chance to even have a glimpse into all the members worlds of art, sewing, and creating!

Here's a unique and clever item by: Moonspells Crafts.  I love how Alura designed a fun scrapbook for photos.  It says a Halloween scrapbook - perfect to keep all those haunting pics of the kids trick or treating, Halloween parties or if your just a big fan of the Holiday...maybe you'll just use it to hold all kinds of pics!  I know I would :).

Now let's take a stop at Altered Eras where I just love what Paula has done with these "white Rabbit" earrings.  Being a big fan of Alice and Wonderland (both the Disney and the new Tim Burton films), I go goo goo over anything remotely related to the films so of course these darling earrings scream to me all the time and I have to stop and gaze at them.  Some day I will treat myself instead of the kids...nieces and nephews and adopt these adorable rabbits to come live with me :).

 Have you checked out Victorian Clockworks?  If not, please do so, as there are some very beautiful and intriguing pieces of jewelry that I came across.  One that particular stood out to me is this piece with the Blue Tigerseye in the center.  It just draws me in and I have to gaze upon it :).

 Okay, that's enough jabbering for now as I bounce off from here and back to the team to browse more fun goodies!! If there's something particular that you would love to share and have featured, let me know in the team blog section!

~ Jen

Wow - It's Been a While!

Hello Team! First of all I'd like to apologize for my absence as my intention was not to leave the team hanging like that for over a month :(.  I guess everything kind of caught up with me and my Etsy shop and teams got put in the back drop for a period of time.

Some things that have been going on in my world is: my son has started Kindergarten this year - which is wonderful!! He has already gone on his first field trip to Pumpkinville and was nominated Student of the Month!! I couldn't be prouder!  Oh and on top of that he is already reading and is just loving the ability to read smaller books to me - His sister and I LOVE it too (so does daddy, but we get to hear him more!;) lol).  Oh and by the way...he is a big 5 year old now!! We had a wonderful Pirate birthday where everyone dressed up like pirates and ladies guess who was on his cake?  Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp ;) lol)

Other things that have been going on in the insane months that have passed: Hubby started his new job and I finished up my Temporary job at the Halloween store. One wouldn't think I'd get so run down running the kids to point A an then point B but whew I did!  We also had and unexpected death in the family which was hard for several reasons:(.

So that's what's been going on with me...what's new with all of you?  I've missed chatting and plan on being back from now on! Sorry again for my absence! Now let's get BLOGGING! :)

~ Jen