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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Who Knew Wood Could Be So Beautiful...

hand Carved Jewelry Pieces

Okay, so I admit, I'm the type of person that likes unique! Something interesting and one of a kind, that will stand out and be noticed.  That's what I LOVE about "All Things Wood's" jewelry pieces.  All hand carved, nature inspired (obviously ;) lol) yet, unique and special.  Look how gorgeous each individual piece is.  The color is amazing and can be worn with anything! 

If jewelry isn't your "cup of tea", have no fear...All Things Wood, has many options for your gift giving (or self giving) needs:).  There's everything from tealight holders to hair sticks to keychains! Check it out, so many neat items to choose from.  One of my favorites, and a reserved listing that I just have to share from her shop is:

Reserved Keychain
 Now be cute is that? You know you want one made just for you too!

All Things Wood can be found at:

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Claudia is in the House!

Are you looking for some unique jewelry with an added twist or flare that will help you to stand out amongst your friends, family and coworkers?  Well, search no more!  Claudia's jewelry is all this and more.  She adds a special glitz to the world of steampunk with each piece she creates.
Filigree Adjustable Ring with Vintage Typewriter Key 

 What's really neat about Claudia's shop is she has steampunk pieces for men and women.  One of my favorite items in her shop are her cuffs for men.  If I could talk my hubby into wearing anything I would get him one of these because I think they are really cool looking, but alas, the closet thing I ever got hubby to wear was a hand beaded necklace I made him in college, years ago!
Mens Steampunk Cuff with Wing

If you're one of those Do it Yourselfers, check out Claudia's new supply shop - Calliope's Attic! I know it's a favorite for me with all kinds of interesting Neo Victorian Supplies.  If you haven't checked it out already...What are you waiting for?
Two Crown Stampings for Jewelry Making

Claudia's Shops:

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Looking for Something "Mystical"?

If the answer is yes, you need to head on over to Alura's shop where she offers a large array of soaps, potions, journals and more!  I have been keeping my eye on a few of her journals myself in hopes that one day I will treat myself to one of these mysterious and mystical items that I can lock away my personal thoughts and drawings.  As we all know there is nothing better than a journal that fits ones personality when wanting to feel comfortable writing.  Listed above is just one of my favorites.  Sorry, I can't share them all or they might all be snatched up fast ;).
Vegetable Glycerin Liquid Hand Soap

 Did I mention that in her second shop, she also offers tarot readings?  How cool is that?  This is something new to me as I guess I never realized that Alura offered such an item to her customers!  I may have to stop in and see how my week will be...I've only had one reading so far in another shop and it's getting me interested in seeing how others do theirs too! 
3 Card Weekly Tarot Reading

Visit Alura - AKA VampireGothChic at :

~ Jen


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Power of Twitter

I just wanted to take a minute and share what I call "The Power of Twitter!"  Twitter, is something fairly new to me as I haven't been using it for very long, however, I can share with you that it holds a powerful effect within my shop.  Since I started using twitter, I began a routine of tweeting various items in the morning with my cup of tea (I'm barely awake yet to do much more of anything besides pushing a tweet button and sharing breakfast with the kiddos lol), some more around lunch and then another batch later on in the evening.  To my surprise, I've had more traffic to my shop and more random sales too!  

To help my fellow Etsians, every time I favorite an item I tweet it for them too, although no one knows this (of course except for you).  Just imagine the people that find us on twitter - that have never heard of or seen Etsy before!  So, my only advice (for now anyhoo lol) is that if you haven't started tweeting please do!  I look back now and think, wow...what if I would've tweeted sooner? Would I have even more traffic to my shop? 

*************If any other team members have tid bits that they'd like to share - I'd love to add it here for you! **********************************************************************************

~ Jen

Monday, 13 June 2011

You'd Have to Be "Mad" Not to Check Out This Shop!

OOAK Steampunk Vacuum Tube Necklace 002
When traveling through Etsy, be sure to stop by MadScientistsDesigns for some unique steam punk jewelry and destash.  One item that caught my eye as I browsed through "Mad's" shop was the above pictured necklace.  How creative I thought to take such pieces and manipulate them in a way that makes them a one of a kind piece of art! 

Another item that caught my fancy while "window shopping" (boy do I love to window shop!), was this amazing Dragonfly Ear Cuff!
Dragonfly Ear Cuff 

 I found the dragonfly ear cuff so appealing because it is so different!  Sure I've seen dragonfly pieces before, heck I've had dragonfly inspired items in my own shop, but this was cool!  I have never worn an ear cuff...but who knows! An item like this just might make me want one!

MadScientistsDesigns Can be found at:


Sneak Peek!

Gorgeous charm filled bracelet based on an all time favorite - Red Riding Hood!
Here's a sneak peek at the first shop from our team that I will be interviewing.  Paula is a very talented individual that has a great taste for steam punk.  I have purchased from her in the past and was very pleased.  What can I say I'm a sucker for Alice & Wonderland stuff and she adds just the right flair to her items to keep her customers intrigued and coming back for  more!

Check out Paula's shop at:

Her Facebook is:!/AlteredEras

Aren't these awesome! Def. one of my favorites! 

 Be sure to check back soon for a full interview with Paula so we can find out where she gets her inspiration!

Welcome Time Travelers & Friends!

Hello everyone and welcome to our team blog!  I'm really excited to take on this piece of the team and I hope that you will enjoy your journey with me as I meet each team member and learn a little bit more about the treasures kept within the shop of each talented member.

Although our team theme is a Steam Punk and Goth style, we welcome in many people from other venues too (I am one ;) lol).  

So if your shop is lacking in steam punk but you love the items don't hesitate to look us up as we love new members and welcome everyone.