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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Claudia is in the House!

Are you looking for some unique jewelry with an added twist or flare that will help you to stand out amongst your friends, family and coworkers?  Well, search no more!  Claudia's jewelry is all this and more.  She adds a special glitz to the world of steampunk with each piece she creates.
Filigree Adjustable Ring with Vintage Typewriter Key 

 What's really neat about Claudia's shop is she has steampunk pieces for men and women.  One of my favorite items in her shop are her cuffs for men.  If I could talk my hubby into wearing anything I would get him one of these because I think they are really cool looking, but alas, the closet thing I ever got hubby to wear was a hand beaded necklace I made him in college, years ago!
Mens Steampunk Cuff with Wing

If you're one of those Do it Yourselfers, check out Claudia's new supply shop - Calliope's Attic! I know it's a favorite for me with all kinds of interesting Neo Victorian Supplies.  If you haven't checked it out already...What are you waiting for?
Two Crown Stampings for Jewelry Making

Claudia's Shops:


  1. Fabulous shops! Terrific artist! A must see!

  2. I recently ordered a pendent from Claudia's supply shop and am so excited to get it - great price for such a unique find!


  3. I love, love the quality of Claudias work. She sets the standard for us all.

  4. Claudia has great supplies and wonderful customer service.