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Monday, 13 June 2011

You'd Have to Be "Mad" Not to Check Out This Shop!

OOAK Steampunk Vacuum Tube Necklace 002
When traveling through Etsy, be sure to stop by MadScientistsDesigns for some unique steam punk jewelry and destash.  One item that caught my eye as I browsed through "Mad's" shop was the above pictured necklace.  How creative I thought to take such pieces and manipulate them in a way that makes them a one of a kind piece of art! 

Another item that caught my fancy while "window shopping" (boy do I love to window shop!), was this amazing Dragonfly Ear Cuff!
Dragonfly Ear Cuff 

 I found the dragonfly ear cuff so appealing because it is so different!  Sure I've seen dragonfly pieces before, heck I've had dragonfly inspired items in my own shop, but this was cool!  I have never worn an ear cuff...but who knows! An item like this just might make me want one!

MadScientistsDesigns Can be found at:



  1. Thanks! I have so much fun making my items, I'm glad you like them! :-)

  2. Very cool! How the heck did I miss this? LOL ... puter idiot! Love the blog. Great job. Lila Lizone's Jewelry

  3. Mad makes such wonders with wire, tubes and chains.
    Wish Id thought of that:) Good job Mad:)

  4. It's a Mad, Mad world and we love madness on this team :)

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  6. This is a fabulous shop! Mad is an extremely talented and creative artist. All of her designs are so original!! Keep em coming Mad!