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Monday, 25 July 2011

Not All Cookie's Are Edible! ;)

Winona Cookie is a wonderful artist that designs many forms of art, including children's illustrations, jewelry, collages and more!  Ever stop by the Time Travelers Team Home?  Well that wonderful and unique image was created by Ms. Cookie and she was gracious enough to allow our team to use it!

Tarot Card Box

How cool would it be to store your very own set of tarot cards in such an unique piece of art such at this Tarot card Box that Ms. Cookie designed?  Even though I do not specialize in readings, I could easily come up with some interesting uses for such a clever looking box.

If the Tarot Box doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps this Specimen box will, as every time I look at it, it makes me feel like I've escaped to an island in the middle of the ocean.  A place where I can relax, play in the sand with my kids and drink a fun and fruity drink with one of those cute and vibrant colored umbrellas....ah....yes....the sailor's life!
Specimen Box - Octopus
Visit Winona Cookie at :

Reference - Winona Cookie isn't the shop owners real name - however a fictional person - but I'll let you learn more about that when you visit her shop :D

~ Jen


  1. :) for a clickable link


  2. Oh fantastic tarot and specimen box. I love!!!!!

  3. I'm a huge fan & had the good fortune to interview this talented artist & shared a photo tour of her creative space in April 2010 for my blog. Wonderful person & fanastic art!