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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Looking to Gain a Better Relationship With Your Pet?

If your answer is yes, you'll want to stop by Aleister Firefly's Shop.  Aleister Firefly offers reading for you to communicate with your pet whether he/she is still with you, or if he/she has already passed on.  This form of reading really intrigues me since I have a cat named Chewie.  Chewie is only a year old, and only gets flustered with certain people.  I keep wondering how cool it would be to know what triggers him to jump on various friends and family and to just be calm and collective with others!
What Does My Pet Want?

 A portion of sales will be donated to animal rescue charities, which is really nice too!

In addition to pet communication readings, Aleister also offers several other readings as well.  One that I noticed was the " Why Am I Here - Soul Path Reading".  Now this one is more spiritual in meaning as it speaks to your soul in helping you find your greater meaning of why you're here.  We all know we were meant to be since we're here in the flesh but what's our individual purpose as a being?
Why Am I Here?
 Look for Aleister's Shop Here:

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  1. A couple of months ago I bought an animal spirit guide reading from Aleister. I was uncanny how accurate she was and how much it has helped me over the past few months! She is the real deal! I highly recommend her... I am planning to get the soul path and pet readings at some point as well.