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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Not Too Early To Think Halloween!

Hello fellow Time Travelers and friends!  It's been a long time since I posted ~ far too long and I apologize.  Some times life just creeps up on us and whew here we are!  

Well I was browsing through Etsy earlier in the week and have been coming across many shops with sales for Christmas in July, and I got to thinking, what about Halloween?  Sure, I might pick up a few presents here and there as I see them for Christmas, but come close to August we always begin anticipating Fall, the start of school, my son's birthday and HALLOWEEN!! In fact, my kids and my nieces and nephews have already been discussing what they may want to dress up as for Halloween.  

So I began thinking...Halloween...oh the possibilities!

Crown Hair Pins By: Altered Eras on etsy

Burlesque Style Dress By: DungeonDudsNJewels on Etsy
Lace Wrist Cuffs By: ScarlettRabbit on Etsy
Black Onyx Ring By: InVintageHeaven on Etsy

Many more possibilities await at the entrance of the Time Travelers Gate - so take a ride - don't be afraid -no need to hide - let the spirits be thy guide!

~ Jen

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